The Blacksmith

Hand Crafted Food

The Blacksmith uses original recipes and the finest ingredients with most products made from scratch on the premises.  We have a team of Bakers and Pastry Chefs in Belgrave and create produce for our own retail store and wholesale products for other local businesses. 

We are particularly proud of our traditional, real butter French croissants, sourdough bread and specialty cakes and tarts including our ever popular lemon curd tarts, chocolate and raspberry mousse domes, traditional florentines and opera slice as well as a range of gluten free and vegan sweets. 

Wedding and special occasion cakes are made to order and we have a small selection in store on offer daily.

The Blacksmith - Hand Crafted Food is at 1698-1700 Burwood Highway, Belgrave.

We are open for Breakfast and Lunch seven days a week from 6am to 4pm (from 7am on Saturdays and 8am on Sundays)

We are also open for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday 3pm to 9.30pm.  

Phone 9754 1174 for bookings, catering or takeaway orders.

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What Our Customers Say


It's a long way to the shop

Clem Bastow (Source The AGE, September 14, 2011)

A Chocolate-themed patisserie might seem like an odd place to get a good sausage roll, but rest assured that Belgrave's Chocolate Sensation is on the money when it comes to this classic. Where other bakeries may overdo it on the pastry or filling (and then there are those who wrap an actual sausage in pastry; disturbing), Chocolate Sensation's sausage rolls are the perfect balance of "sausage" and "roll". Served with home-made relish, or t-sauce if you're a traditionalist, they have a buttery pastry and a delicately seasoned meat filling. And no, they don't put chocolate in them.

Fantastic Range

by Joanne Faggian (source

Fantastic range of deserts. Always open early and muffins, croissants, savory scrolls out of the oven. My absolute favorite take away is the almond croissant which nicely balances the somewhat strong coffee. Homemade pies and pasties also tasty.

Best Latte

by Monique M (source

Hands down the best latte in the hills!! Delicious pastries - their lemon tart is not to be missed!

Cakes to Die For

by Rosied (source

The cakes and coffee here are to die for! Very reasonably priced with a good range of vegi and vegan savories. Recommend take away as cafe is small and not family friendly.

Cafe Home Away from Home

by Marita (source

Best coffee closest to the roundabout end of Belgrave. Lovely staff and ... amazing pies, cakes and pastries. A friend said it's the best coffee she ever had, and it's up there in my list. This is my cafe home when I'm visiting my parents.


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